Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday Tunes

So, I'm thinking of making this a weekly Tuesday post, where I show you guys some of my favorite songs at the moment. I'm pretty much constantly listening to music, and I'd love to share some of that with you all!

So, without further waiting, here's the first installment of...

Wonderful Things - Ryan Corn

This song has been on repeat A LOT recently, as has his whole EP. Highly recommended.

Prince Of Nothing Charming - Tyler Hilton

I've been in love with Tyler Hilton's music since the first time I heard him sing on One Tree Hill way back in the day. He's got such talent, and this song is probably my favorite that he's ever done.

Now We're Getting Somewhere - Ty Mayfield

Ty Mayfield is probably one of my favorite Noisetrade finds. Like, this song just makes me happy. The music is upbeat and I just jam every time. Such a fun little hit.

Is Your Love Big Enough? - Lianne La Havas

This was a free song on itunes a LONG time ago, and while not all of those songs are great picks, Is Your Love Big Enough? definitely was. Plus, I tend to listen to male singers more so I love a lady who can sing a song I love as much as this one.

Maybe - Ingrid Michaelson

My best friend makes me mix cds a lot (yeah I know we're cute) and this song was on the very first cd she gave me way back in 2009. This song began my love affair with Ingrid Michaelson's music. Between this song, Be Ok, her new song Girls Chase Boys (yay for her being back on the mainstream map!), and all her other music, I'll always be a fan.

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