Saturday, August 16, 2014

15 Sports Movies For Everyone

I love sports. I grew up playing soccer, and loved going to baseball games with the family. Whenever the Olympics roll around I pretty much stop what I'm doing to watch. I almost 
lost my voice cheering for the US during the world cup. I watch livestreams of games when I had no tv at school. I'm a bit obsessed at times. And supporting the home team was just always something we did in my house. We stuck by our teams, even when the going got rough. So of course I love sports movies as well! 
There's a sports movie for everyone, so hopefully you could find one that piques your interest within this list!

Remember the Titans

I love a good underdog story, and this one might top the list. Plus, with an awesome soundtrack and baby Ryan Gosling, you can't go wrong.

Little Giants

The football movie of my childhood. Never underestimate nerdy, unathletic kids powered by anger on the athletic field.

Bend It Like Beckham 

I love soccer. I love this movie. It's got girl power, soccer, and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. And it incorporates a lot of super cool Indian music. A must-see.


A fantastic basketball underdog story from my homestate!

Cool Runnings

Not only is this movie hilarious, I also tear up at the end every time. Funny but also inspiring. 

A League of Their Own

Girls playing baseball and killing it. Plus classic lines like, "there's no crying in baseball!"

The Sandlot 

I won't lie, I would be afraid of that dog too.


This makes me cry every time. Plus, it also takes place in my homestate. Woo!


Just the story behind this movie is so cool. The technique used by the Oakland A's completely transformed baseball. Amazing. 

Cinderella Man

I cried watching this during my AP US History course junior year of high school. It was embarassing, but the movie is just too good. Definitely a favorite boxing movie.


The story of Jackie Robinson, someone who also changed the face of baseball forever. And the relationship of Jackie and his wife in the movie is a favorite.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Just a silly little movie about your favorite (or not so favorite) gym class game. Guaranteed laughs.

The Rookie

This movie proves that you can achieve your dream at any point in life.


This racing movie directed by Ron Howard is so good, as is Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth.

Breaking Away 

If you live in Indiana, or live anywhere close to Bloomington and IU, this movie is a must. A great story about the Little 500 and bicycle racing. Funfact: My mom is an extra in the stands during some of the race scenes!

Any you think I left off this list? What are your favorite sports movies? Sound off in the comments! 


  1. YES to all of these. The Sandlot and Cool Runnings are my favorite sports movies! SOOO FUNNY! Now I'm singing the "Jamaican bobsled team" song in my head! Haha!

    1. I am honestly, low-key obsessed with Cool Runnings. I sing that song all the time, much to the annoyance of my little sister. Clearly we just have great taste!


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