Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dear Future Husband

Sometimes I like to think about what my future life will be like when I'm married, not that I'm anywhere close to that point right now. But I just really love to think about how wonderful it will be to be married to my best friend, just thinking about all the crazy adventures we'll have. While I'm definitely not ready to be married anytime soon, it's a nice concept to daydream about. Sometimes I write about certain parts of marriage that I'm excited about, so here are a few I'd like to share with you.

dear future husband: letters to the future man in my life

I hope you don’t mind me wearing your clothes… like your boxers, bball shorts, tees, sweatshirts, basically your entire wardrobe. Because even though I will probably look like a big blobby mess, I love wearing your clothes and knowing I’m the only one who gets to.

Let’s explore the world together, even just our own little backyard. Let’s have adventures, do things we’ve never done. Save up our money and go backpacking, go hiking in the woods, go river rafting, maybe even bungee jump from a bridge. I may be scared out of my pants but as long as you’re there everything will be fine. I just want to explore the world with you, see some of God's amazing creations with you by my side.

Take me dancing. Dance with me in the driveway. In our bedroom. Out in public. Wherever we hear music. Just grab my hand and give me a little twirl. We can go swing dancing, maybe even learn a few of those flips they do in the movies. I trust you. Let’s just get our groove on at all possible times, even if that means blasting some 90s jams early in the morning and having our own little dance party.

Come to church with me. I want us to grow spiritually closer to God, not further away. You are a part of my journey, and I want to help you with yours. I’ll need you to help me back up when I’ve fallen, and I promise to do the same for you. I want to be able to talk about God, faith, and the Bible. I want to have bible studies with you. I want your love for me to come second only to God.

If we're blessed with a daughter, take her out on daddy/daughter dates so she grows up knowing how a true gentleman treats a lady. If we're blessed with a son, I hope you can instill in him the same kindness and generosity that is in your heart.

I'm so excited to cook with you, whether it be in our very first tiny apartment, our first house, or when we're both in our old age. We could be making yummy pasta dishes, attempting to make a new recipe and utterly failing, turning into a mini food fight. Just goofing around in the kitchen making food for each other.

Let's watch sports together. Like, really watch them. We can buy all the jerseys and supporting apparel, paint our faces, and scream at the tv. Or at the actual stadium. Because I think we'll both know that nothing can beat seeing a game live. 

We should always remember to goof off sometimes, even when we're older and have kids, possibly even grandkids. Always take time out of our week for ourselves, doing what we love. Mostly just being silly and pretending we're still the age we were when we met. This may mean water balloon fights and building forts.

Knowing how crazy I can be, we're gonna fight sometimes. But let's make sure that we always end the day saying I love you to each other, because I'll always love you, even when I'm angry with you.

And we can't forget to document all of our crazy adventures we call life together. Sometimes we'll need to stop and take pictures, because sometimes memories just aren't enough. Let's take silly videos together, so we can always look back at our past selves and laugh at how goofy we are.

Basically, just love me and I promise to always love you back, good times or bad.

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