Monday, March 2, 2015


Hello again blogging world! I've been gone for awhile, just staying on the background. For a small period of time I honestly wasn't even checking bloglovin and let me tell you, I got behind really quickly with reading everyone's amazing content. But, I am back and ready to go. Life got in the way in all aspects, and while I'm not perfect I'm definitely doing much better than I was for a few months.

Between school, work, and my personal life things just got really hectic. I got way too stressed and fell apart a bit. I'm feeling so much stronger now than I was. School has been going much better this semester, and I'm enjoying my classes so much more. Work has been less crazy, and I'm not working as many hours which is definitely helping my stress levels and sleeping abilities.

I've updated my blog a bit, changing a few things around. It's still not perfect, but I'm liking it much better and trying to learn more coding to make even more updates in the future. It's scary, because every time I change something I'm afraid I'll destroy my blog somehow (these types of things always happen to me), but it's so exciting at the same time! I can't wait to make my blog look exactly the way I want!

Just a few pictures of what I've been doing recently...

There's this movie theater a few towns over from us called the Artcraft that will show older movies on the large screen and its awesome. I was lucky enough to be home the same weekend that they were showing Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, so my family and I went and it was amazing! I had forgotten how much I love the original series. RIP to the original Spock, Mr. Leonard Nimoy. Live long and prosper, friend.

I also redyed my hair! I'm loving this dark color so much!

My friends and I made Seahawks cookies to celebrate the Super Bowl. They unfortunately lost, but hey, the cookies were a hit!

My little sister had her birthday in January and she's now twenty! I can't believe that she can be so old! My parents and papaw picked me up and we got to spend the day with her at her school down at the southern tip of Indiana. Such a fun day exploring her campus. 

And finally, we had a week where there were the most beautiful sunsets in Bloomington and I managed to snap this shot on the way to work.

Have any of you been up to anything exciting this year yet? Let me know, and can't wait to reconnect!


  1. Welcome back! Look forward to reading more of your posts :)

  2. Thanks so much, Stephanie! I'm really excited about getting back into the blogging game (:

  3. Welcome back! Sometimes taking a blog break is just the thing you need to get back into the swing of things, and that's a-okay. I'm glad you're feeling better and less stressed! That sunset picture is absolutely GORGEOUS! Wow! The sky is so beautiful.

  4. Thanks you, Tiffany! It was definitely needed, and stress levels are way down this semester which is a plus. I couldn't believe how beautiful the sky was that night. Just happy I was able to capture it!


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