Friday, March 20, 2015

Goodbye Glee

Saying Goodbye to Glee after Six Years of Tears, Laughter, and Songs || Oddly Olivia

I'm currently in denial a bit about Glee officially ending tonight. It's been six seasons, six years since this show came on the air. There have been good seasons and some not so good seasons, but it's always been there. I can honestly say that Glee has changed my life. Sure, it's just a tv show, but to me it's always been more than a tv show. Glee has inspired me; I've laughed, cried, and sang these six years thanks to the little show that could. I've grown to love not only the characters but the cast as well. I can't imagine a life without Glee.

Saying Goodbye to Glee After Six Years || Oddly Olivia

I thought about writing about my favorite songs, episode, or something along those lines but I truly don't know how I can choose. There are moments that I will always have strong memories of. I'll remember the first character I fell in love with, Sam Evans (I started in season 2 and then spent a week catching up!). I'll remember the exact moment I found out that Cory Monteith had passed away. I'll remember all of the duets and crazy mash-ups that have occurred. Who can forget that amazing Adele mash-up in season 3?!? I'll remember the tears streaming down my face during the Cough Syrup montage. How giddy I got seeing all of my favorite couples getting together on the screen. How epic the Bohemian Rhapsody sequence was. The rawness of the episode where there was a school shooting. I'll always remember how much I cheered for this little band of misfits who at times only had the Glee Club in common.

Saying Goodbye to Glee after Six Years || Oddly Olivia

This is one of those shows that is always going to stay with me. It taught me to never give up on my dreams, and to get back up when I get knocked down. That my size doesn't determine my self-worth. That even being in the background is an integral part of any group. That someone you initially hate may end up being your greatest ally. Take chances. Be free. Go your own way. That my differences make me special and valuable. That my self-worth is not dictated by others but by myself. To not be afraid of who I truly am.

Saying Goodbye to Glee after Six Years | Oddly Olivia

So thank you, Glee. Thank you for six wonderful years. May the memories never fade, and don't stop believing.

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