Thursday, April 9, 2015

When You Have a Free Day

I don't get many free days. Between work and school I manage to stay pretty busy during the week, but I've had the past few Thursdays off while the elementary schools were on spring break. Miraculously enough, my best friend also had the day off so we just had to take advantage of that! Cue the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. This museum is basically my happy place, and is one of the best children's museums in the world! If you're ever in Indiana, I would recommend going. Not only are the permanent exhibits awesome, they usually have awesome travelling exhibits as well.

One of the first things you see when entering the museum is the giant water clock. Seeing it change hours was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. And in the middle of the museum is Fireworks, a Chihuly glass installation. Hella rad.

One of the traveling exhibits right now is the Transformers exhibit, and it was so cool. The entrance an exit were the Decepticon and Optimus Prime heads, and inside the exhibit was one of the Optimus Prime's they used in the movies. I turned around and walked up and he was literally staring right into my soul. I literally stood there transfixed for several minutes until my best friend dragged me away.

There's this hall of mirrors on the top floor and there's a room where you feel like you're in a kaleidoscope and it's pretty much the coolest thing in the world. Oh! And I found Peyton Manning. I love that man so much. #IndyMissesYou

One of the highlights of the museum is definitely the Dinosphere. Full casts of dinosaurs, digging for bones, and there's an area with dinosaur eggs. It's basically every young kids dream, mine included.

And just because, here's a picture of the two of us being dinosaurs. Because I'm always 5 years old at heart.

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