Friday, September 5, 2014

Favorite Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

We all have them, it's okay. You know, those shows that we hate to admit that we watch (and possibly love) but that we also know we'll never stop watching. I've got plenty, and I'm willing to share with you some of these silly tv shows I'm addicted to. 

1. America's Next Top Model

Gosh, we're in like season 21 now! I don't really like the format of the show anymore, and it seems less and less about modeling each season but man I just can't stop watching. 
2. MTV's The Real World/Road Rules Challenge

I've been watching this show for years, and for as trashy as it can be sometimes I'm addicted. Road Rules hasn't been on in a long time (which is a shame cause that was a good show) and I don't really watch real world any more, but every season of the challenge I will be there front row, even if mostly to hear TJ Lavin's great one-liners.

3. Glee

I love Glee, I do, but it's just not the show it used to be anymore. I still enjoy it and love the music, but I'll always miss the glory days of season 1 and 2. 

4. Reign
Beautiful costumes, handsome men, strong women, and not a ton of historical accuracy. But I love it, and I don't care if Francis died young in real life with no heir, he and Mary need a baby!
5. Dancing With the Stars
I stopped watching this for awhile and the past few seasons have reacquainted myself with the show and I love it! Not only do I wish I could be on the show (could they do a season of dancing with the pros so I can dance with Derek) but I love watching all the different dances. New season starts soon with Alfonso Ribeiro! Maybe we'll get to see some of the infamous Carlton dance!!

6. The Carrie Diaries

I'm not even going to lie to you, I'm still bitter that this show got cancelled. Not only was it one of the most quality shows on the CW, it had good acting, writing, and costumes. 80's teen Carrie Bradshaw was my fave.
7. Catfish
I mostly watch this for Max and Nev's friendship, because man they are adorable together.
8. Austin and Ally

Yes, I'm 22 and still watching a show on the Disney Channel but this show is just too cute. I can't help myself.
9. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

A spin-off of Once Upon a Time that wasn't as bad as everyone seemed to think it was. The Knave was hilarious, and I really liked all the characters. The only thing missing was Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter!

10. Hannah Montana 

This show was essentially my middle school and I loved it. I still love it. I still watch the reruns. Still listen to the music. I have no shame.
So there's a few of my guilty pleasure tv shows. What are yours?

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  1. I love Glee! I'm not all caught up on it yet though! I missed the whole last season! Ah! Seasons 1-3 were definitely the best. I loved Once Upon a Time in Wonderland so much! It was so good! I want them to bring those characters into OUAT. That would be so awesome! The Carrie Diaries was a guilty pleasure of mine too. I'm waiting for the second season to come on Netflix.


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